DN1 Mastering Digitone Part 1: FM Synthesis & Sound Design

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DN1 Mastering Digitone Part 1: FM Synthesis & Sound Design

Dave Mech
11 ratings

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Getting a deep understanding of FM synthesis and applying it immediately in sound & grove design on the Digitone.

Mastering Digitone part 1 is a 240 (!) minutes course aimed at people that want to get a deeper understanding of FM synthesis and how to unlock its power on the Digitone. You will learn in depth why FM works the way it works, but in a fun and engaging way. Most importantly we take the theory and start designing sounds that will show you a great approach to sound design with FM synthesis that I use almost daily. We end the course with the creation of a basic groove from some of the sounds that we've created. Which will show you the most important sequencer functions of the Digitone. It's indeed a very complete course!

With every step I explain and show exactly why the theory works and how you can apply it successfully with Digitone's functionality. Not only will you learn how FM synthesis works beyond the utmost basics, you will learn and practise to create your own unique sound.

This first part of the course is perfect for both beginners and intermediate Digitone users that want to understand how to both navigate the universe that is FM synthesis and the Digitone.

If one or more of these apply to you…

  • Just bought the Digitone and want to understand it and FM synthesis within 4 hours
  • Intermediate in FM synthesis and Digitone but ready to grasp the fundamentals, functions and sound design in more detail
  • Getting stuck and in need of an effective approach to FM sound design
  • Getting along with Digitone just fine but want to make more interesting, lush and punchy sounds
  • Slightly confused about Elektron & FM terminology and want to know how to navigate through all these modes and functions
  • Bought the Digitone to create sounds and grooves, but ultimately use it more like a preset machine

...then I’m sure you’ll love this first part of the course.

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