ST2 Mastering Syntakt Part 2: Advanced Production Techniques

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There's also a Parts 1 + 2 Bundle:

Learn to create an entire track full of subtle details and advanced sound design to reach Syntakt Mastery!

Mastering Syntakt part 2 is a course aimed at people who want to learn advanced techniques to create tracks full of detail and in depth sound design on Syntakt. The course is well over 5 hours long and in it we take everything we've learned from part 1 and start using new, more advanced techniques and functions with a more complex and detailed approach, to create a fully performable pattern and arrangement.

The main things that we will focus on in this course are subtlety and use of space in the broadest sense of the word. You will learn how to dial in beautifully evolving and interacting sounds that seem to be different however long you keep listening to the pattern. It involves micro-editing, detailed sound design, active listening and mixing, and utilizing all that Syntakt has to offer.

This course will walk you through the entire creation process on the Syntakt: from creating a pattern through arranging in song mode to performing. This means we cover everything from sound design, mixing, arranging, and performance tricks plus pretty much every useful function Syntakt has to offer.The course is neatly divided into chapters and separate videos so you can easily find all the subjects you might want to revisit. On top of that you will get engaging assignments to take everything you've learned at that point and apply it to your own work.

If you followed the first part of the course, or you feel very comfortable navigating the Syntakt, this part of the course is perfect for you. It's aimed towards intermediate and advanced users that want to dive deep into sound design, groove creation and creative use of the Syntakt in general.

Watch the performance I recorded of the track we'll create:

If one or more of these things apply to you…

  • Feel ready to dive much deeper into Syntakt and music production
  • Comfortable navigating through Syntakt but want to dive deeper into sound design, groove creation, arranging, performing and mixing
  • Getting stuck using same tricks and in need for a more elaborate sound design and music production workflow on Syntakt
  • Seeking to understand how to create patterns that don't feel like a loop
  • Would like to write effective melodies and get basic tips on how to use music theory in a fun way
  • Want to learn how to go from a pattern to a full track arrangement and performance
  • Get an understanding of how to get out of the vanilla sounds of Syntakt
  • How to effectively use the FX block as a wonderful sound processing and modulation section

...then I’m sure you’ll love this first part of the course!

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If the cost is a barrier for you personally, please contact me through my website

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ST2 Mastering Syntakt Part 2: Advanced Production Techniques

7 ratings
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