Mastering Syntakt Parts 1 + 2 Bundle (Stream & Download)

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ST1 Mastering Syntakt part 1 - Basics & Groove Creation

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ST2 Mastering Syntakt Part 2: Advanced Production Techniques

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The full Mastering Syntakt course experience! Begin with solid basics then grow towards Syntakt production mastery.

During each part of this course you’ll be looking over my shoulder to see the entire music production process on Syntakt step by step. With every step I explain exactly what I do and how each function and technique works and why. While we design sounds and grooves from the ground up together, you'll learn how to use Syntakt's functions to their fullest potential, and many music production techniques to boot!

We cover anything from basic stuff to all the advanced features and production techniques. We cover sound design, pattern structures, song arrangement, mixing, maximizing all of ST's functions and more. Most of all, you’ll learn how to create grooves that will make people move with lots of subtle details and evolving sounds to keep the listener engaged. Part 1 covers the basics to get a solid understanding of Syntakt's workflow and groove design. Part 2 dives deeper into advanced techniques. with complex pattern structures and micro-editing. Afterwards you’ll have all

So whether you are an intermediate or experienced Syntakt user, this part of the course will give you all the tools and knowledge to create solid, detailed and complex grooves with Syntakt. 

If one or more of these things apply to you…

  • Just bought a Syntakt and want to understand it within three hours and then continue to mastery in part 2
  • Experienced with Syntakt but want to dive deeper into groove creation
  • Getting stuck and in need for a quick and very effective workflow to create solid tracks in no time
  • Feel ready to dive deep into Syntakt and music production
  • Comfortable navigating through Syntakt but want to improve on sound design, groove creation, arranging, performing and mixing
  • Seeking to understand how to create patterns that don't feel like a loop
  • Would like to write effective melodies and get basic tips on how to use music theory in a fun way
  • Want to learn how to go from a pattern to a full track arrangement and performance

...then I’m sure you’ll love this first part of the course!

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123 videos with a total runtime of more than 7,5 hours, both as downloadable videos and streamable from your browser or the Gumroad App + all contents from both parts of the course.

Mastering Syntakt Course part 1 (stream & download)
Mastering Syntakt Course part 2 (stream & download)
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Mastering Syntakt Parts 1 + 2 Bundle (Stream & Download)

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